An intelligent approach to all stages of Web & Mobile App development

Set Lofty Goals

Fully think through the end goals of the product. What problem do we want to solve?

Architect Responsible Plans

Identify and understand a solid path from today to those goals. What is the most realistic way to build that solution?

Iterate Frequently

Reflect often in order to stay on path. Does this new feature acheive everything we wanted to?

we are agile

Supervillains works under a methodology called Agile Development

To Spare you the technical jargon, we communicate frequently & work in efficient sprints to be sure the project only ever moves in a direction that aligns with your goals. Second to that, we prove customer validation by working in quick iterations so that we can find out what customers are thinking and use that feedback to adjust course early and often.

Idea Phase

We built our business on building applications from the ground up. Some of our most cherished success stories have come from working with entrepreneurs who came to us with nothing but an idea. Honestly, we love this phase because this is where you get to imagine all the great things your software will do – all the real people whose everyday lives will be touched by your product!

Whether you have just thought up the new Facebook or you simply want to make a mobile app that cycles through infinite pictures of puppies, reach out to us for a quick call. It’s very likely we can help strategize a realistic plan to bring your idea to life. (After all, our co-founder literally wrote the book on Starting your Startup!)

New Feature Development

We work on plenty of applications that have already validated their MVP with real users, and are ready to move on to building in additional functionality. Conversely, sometimes it is necessary to replace legacy software in a way that encompasses modern technology, while still remaining familiar to your user base.

If you are looking to make improvements to your existing systems, we can help with architecture planning all the way through implementation. Regardless of the current product goals, we are able to work efficiently in any tech stack to create polished features that your customers will love.

Project Rescue

An unfortunately common story we hear from product owners is that they hired an agency to build out their vision only to have the project left half completed or worse – “finished” as a buggy, unusable eyesore that could not support real users.

We understand the frustrations of investing heavily in a product build and then discovering the outcome wasn’t satisfactory. That’s why we crafted a careful process of making efficiency minded high-value-add improvements for cases like these. We start by having a deep conversation about your product goals, then we triage the current state of the codebase and strategize a plan for the work involved.

Technical Leadership

A fresh perspective can often make a world of difference when trying to tackle complicated problems. Periodically, our clients ask us to contribute to their work cycle by participating in their team’s high-level planning conversations, taking a leadership role in driving a particular internal project, or by generally serving as a consultant.

We’ve seen that there can be a lot of value in having another senior-level colleague nearby off of whom you can bounce ideas, or request guidance in areas you have little experience with. It may sound strange, but some of our most impactful work is done without even writing a single line of code!