Staff Augmentation is utilizing outside personnel to bolster your capacity on a temporary basis, with scalability in mind

Our clients bring on Supervillain engineers for a variety of reasons, but the common thread among them is creating flexibility in their IT efforts.

Traditional recruitment is a hit-or-miss process, often with a high turnover rate. Supervillains are thoroughly vetted professionals familiar with industry best practices and ready to begin immediately.

Full timing hiring involves many costs beyond just yearly salary; such as talent sourcing, interviewing, benefits, and turnover. Staff Aug through Supervillains has no hidden costs and is always more efficient in the long run.

Complex projects can require expertise in advanced or unusual technologies. We have IT experts who can cover just about any skillset.

One of the major benefits of Staff Aug is the ability to quickly integrate senior level engineers when you need them, and ramp them down when you don’t.

Compared to bringing on a new employee, Staff Aug significantly reduces risk because there is no long-term commitment nor regulatory oversight on your part.


Many companies find Staff Aug useful in mid to late stage bootstrapping. It can be difficult for young companies to expend the capital of hiring a senior level developer, let alone the full team frequently required to get a product idea off the ground. Bringing on a Supervillain (or several) can serve as your entire IT department in a much more affordable way than hiring an internal team, and with the option to quickly ramp down when the current development phase is complete. 

Temporary Resources

We’ve also seen a common use case where some companies have existing teams, but are constantly finding themselves running behind. Despite this, they aren’t quite ready to hire another developer yet. For those stuck in that awkward stage of growth, Supervillain engineers prove to be a useful stop gap until they are fully ready to hire another team member.

Short Term Projects

Beside adding a ‘general purpose’ team member, Staff Aug through Supervillains is an excellent way to staff a short term project without bogging down your current team’s workload. Game-changing growth is created when progress is being made on a new product offering in parallel with your existing team keeping full focus on long term development goals and day-to-day maintenance.

What our Clients are Saying

I wanted to pass on how much I’ve appreciated working with this Supervillain while she’s been helping out on our team. I’m scrummaster & QA and on all fronts, she has been such a strong member of the team! She is always very efficient in getting work through to a complete status, and she really pitches in where it’s needed in terms of code reviews, bugs that need crushing, which stories are the most important to get through, comparing possible useful approaches, etc.

She picked up the details on how our piece of the product works really quickly. If she has questions, she asks good ones in a clear fashion and is just plain easy to communicate with. I think the whole team has just loved working with her the past several months. Certainly, I’ve heard multiple people express what a joy she is to work with.

Anyhow, I wanted to ensure you knew how much we appreciated her, and how valuable she’s been for our company.



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